Water Problem


We’re just letting you know that we’ve now fixed the problem that was affecting water supplies in your area.

If your water is not flowing again yet, it soon will be. It can take a while to fill up the drained water mains in the surrounding area, and return water pressure to normal.

We do our best to turn the water on gradually so as not to create further problems, such as bursts, leaks or discoloured water.

Occasionally after an interruption, water can be a different colour for a couple of reasons:

1. It may look milky or cloudy. This is just tiny air bubbles in the water, there is nothing to worry about, you don’t need to do anything to clear this, it’s safe to use, and will clear naturally in time.
2. It could look discoloured. Sometimes naturally occurring deposits in the pipe, can be disturbed as the water is turned back on. This can make it look light yellow to dark brown.

You can clear the problem, by running the cold water tap that’s closest to your internal stop tap, just above a trickle. This may take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, why not collect this water and use it to water your plants? If you’re on a meter, don’t worry, that’s less than 5 pence.

While your water is discoloured, we advise that you do not run the hot water tap, use dishwashers, washing machines, or any other appliances which uses your hot water supply.
You can get more information on discoloured water and how to clear it at www.unitedutilities.com/watercolour

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing, and hope this information has been useful.United