Dear Community Resilience Groups / Flood Action Groups,

Please see current predictions regarding the rainfall for today Wednesday and then Thursday/Friday this week. This information is following a teleconference held today at 4.30pm. These predictions are based on the best information available at the moment – however please be aware that forecasts can and do change. For this reason this information should be treated as a guide only.

Key information:

Met Office:

The weather forecast remains unchanged. An Amber status warning still applies through to midnight Thu 28 Oct 2021. Rainfall totals for Friday will be smaller. Met Office Weather Warnings can be seen on website

Environment Agency:

The latest assessment for Victoria Bridge in Kendal is that the river is likely to be begin peaking tonight at around 10pm - and staying high through the night possibly reaching 2.98m at 8am tomorrow morning. This level is not considered a threat to flood defences in Kendal. For Ulverston the ‘Reasonable Worst Case’ assessment is that Dragley Beck may pass Flood Warning level on Wednesday around 8pm and again on Thursday. Rivers in other areas are also responding to the high rainfall levels. The Brathay in Grasmere is currently at Flood Warning. This event is also associated with significant surface water runoff.

The next teleconference is planned for 11am tomorrow morning with an update around 12.30-1.00pm

You can track pockets of heavy rain using the Met Office’s Rainfall Radar Map. By monitoring this map you can see the path that the rainfall is taking across the country – and so make a reasonable prediction of where it might fall next.

Further Information