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NEWS RELEASE – Announcing a New Service

Admin and More introduces a brand new service that gives assistance to people applying to the Access to Work Scheme.

Today, Admin and More announced the launch of their Access to Work Assistance Scheme an assistance service to truly give people a disability a cost effective and convenient way to apply for the scheme and relieve the stress that the Access to Work process can bring when going through the process.

“We’d do anything to help our customers” said Elizabeth Wright, Director of Admin and More, “so as soon as we found out that many of our customers were in serious need of assistance to help them apply for Access to Work as well as the ongoing claims process that wouldn’t break the bank, but would guarantee professional results, we knew we had to do something.

Admin and More’s new Access to Work Assistance Scheme is designed to overcome the problem of the stress and the very long process of applying to Access to Work. We help people with a disability by taking the hard work from them for the application process and claims process. We know from experience and the clients we work with that the process for applying for Access to Work can be stressful and can in some instances put people off from applying.

“The response from our customers has been better than we could have imagined” said Elizabeth Wright “not only are our customers enjoying professional results, they’re finding that they can free up their own time and spend more time on running their businesses whilst we apply for their support.

Business owners with a disability could be eligible for funding through the Access to Work scheme, which helps cover the cost of any practical support a person with an impairment may need to start or stay in work, as well as funding to help pay for any adaptations to the working environment or installation of any special equipment

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**Additional Information**

Access to Work is a scheme that allows anyone with a disability to access resources to enable them to work. However, to apply to the scheme, you need to fill in a lot of paperwork, which can prove overwhelming for many people.

Admin and More have launched a series of packages to assist you in applying for the scheme. From the initial application process to submitting the claims, we can assist you and make your life easier and access the help you need.

Admin and More have worked with clients on the Access to Work scheme for four years, so we are experienced in submitting claims and also putting together any information for the application process that you need.

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