All families in Cumbria with children under the age of two are being encouraged to collect free vitamin drops for their children and apply for help with the cost of food and milk as part of the Healthy Start Scheme.

Families can collect 8 weeks' supply of children's vitamin drops from any of the community venues across the county listed here Healthy Start Scheme booklet (PDF 552KB).

Families with children aged between 2-4 years will be able to continue collecting the vitamin drops from the same venues if they are in receipt of a Healthy Start card.

Pregnant women and mothers with babies up to six months (if breastfeeding or dual feeding) are also entitled to collect free vitamins for themselves- these will initially be distributed by midwives and Health Visitors during their early visits.

To find out more about the Healthy Start card and how to apply please visit: Healthy Start website.

If anyone is struggling with the rise in the cost of living, visit to find out how to access a range of advice and support.

Thanks for your continued support


Notice Date: 05/08/2022