Community Climate Champions


Here at CAfS we’re currently recruiting residents across Cumbria to become Community Climate Champions.

This is a brilliant opportunity for enthusiastic people to develop their skills at the same time as empowering other members of their community to take action on climate change. We thought that the people in your parish might be interested? There is also grant funding available to support community actions designed to help reverse climate change – something that climate champions could potentially access for a project on behalf of the parish.

If one of your parishioners became a climate champion, this would be a fantastic way for your town or village to contribute to Cumbria’s ambitious net zero carbon plan by 2037 (click here for more details). Please don’t delay in sharing the message as the opportunity to apply closes 9am Weds 6th July.

The champions will attend our accredited Carbon Literacy course, worth £139, and get full support to put on their own events in and around their area.

We hope this is an opportunity you’ll be able to share in your networks and social media channels? To make it really quick and easy for you, we’ve written some social media posts for you to cut and paste to your social media channels, and optimised an image too. Feel free to edit the posts of course! If you’re planning on sending a newsletter soon and have space to squeeze us in, we’ve also included a short article that you might like to include. Feel free to send any of the posts in the word document attached, in a WhatsApp message as well.

I really hope that you’re able to share this opportunity. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

Clare Taylor

Community Climate Champions Coordinator

Cumbria Action for Sustainability